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The Lizard, Cornwall
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Lizard Pont, near the old Lifeboat Station & Lighthouse /
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The most southerly point in mainland Britain.

The Lizard Lighthouse, The Lizard,
Cornwall, TR127NT,
Tel: 01326 290431
Manned by Eddy. There are trips around it.

Lizard Lighthouse
Sir John Killigrew, a notorious wrecker from the Arwennack family of Falmouth, erected the first lighthouse on the Lizard back in 1620. Ship owners refused to support the venture, believing that Killigrew had ulterior motives in erecting the lighthouse.

Eventually in 1752 a regular lighthouse was built, it was taken over in 1790 by Trinity House.

The coal fires were replaced by Argand oil lights in 1812, and they in turn replaced in 1878 by generator powered electricity. And the signal continued as two fixed lights till 1903.

In 1903 the two tower system was stopped, and a single flashing light used. This has a white flash every 3 seconds and a range of 25/60 miles. The fog horn gives 2 blasts every 60 seconds in bad weather.

Manned by Eddy, who can guide you on one of its interesting tours. The lighthouse's beam of light is hidden to the village. But one sees a pleasant glow in the sky and land away. A problem free nights sleep is no problem!

PLEASE park by the Lighthouse, there is space.

Or walk from the Lizard Village about 10 minutes, along lovely stone walls (mostly away from traffic, (parents note there is one road crossing).

More photos and info coming later

The new lifeboat Station Church Cove, another old disused Lifeboat Station

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The view from the Lizard Point towards the lighthouse. The old disused R.N.L.I. Lizard Lifeboat Station is behind. At low tide there is a few metres of beach by the Lifeboat Station.

There is VERY limited parking here (unless you get the wrong gear and drive over the edge!!) And you like reversing upwards along a single track narrow lane with high stone walled hedges. Cafes, a Serpentine shop/workshop, National Trust shop, BUT no Toilets, for that you must go near the Lighthouse Car Park.